How to Build Your Dream Business Online – Give 110% in Your Dreams!

by BJ on February 12, 2015

If you are tired of making money online in a business that you don't truly believe in, then please watch this.

This is my real story.

And I don't see a lot of people talk about this because in the internet marketing field, everyone just talks about making money.

We live in a world where we worship money over everything.

But at the same time…when you make money in businesses that doesn't feel like it's your true calling/mission or aligned to your true core values, then it becomes very unfulfilling.

I made millions in sales in my internet marketing career but it didn't bring me fulfillment because I was in a business that wasn't something I truly believe in…

…I started off out in 2007 in a niche that was not aligned to my core values…it was a lotto niche because that's what I knew at the time when I was a convenience store clerk.

And I surprisngliy made money doing youtube videos and having a unique ebook at the time.

…but after I made the money, I realized I wasn't fulfilled. I also wanted to make an IMPACT in the world.

So I made many other eBooks in the internet marketing niche. No matter what I did, I didn't get results. My dream at the time (even when I made six figures a year for multiple years) was to “make it” in the internet marketing niche.

Looking back, I realized that I didn't give 110% into it.

Then in March of 2013, I got into a high ticket affiliate program (which I later found out was a network marketing company). I would have never joined it if I knew it was MLM but I did join because I thought it was a big ticket affiliate program for the internet marketing niche.

I gave 110% into this though. I didn't start off with a big list in the internet marketing niche. I didn't have big connections in the internet marketing niche. I was pretty much a newbie in the internet marketing niche.

But I gave 110% into this.

I had to make it in the “internet marketing niche”…

…And after about 5 months, I FINALLY made over $10,000 a month in August of 2013 in a niche OTHER than the lotto niche.

That was a BIG personal milestone for me.

After that, I closed down my lotto sites that generated millions of dollars in sales for myself and for affiliates.


…Because it wasn't aligned to who I was.

Plus, that time I made $13,000 in August of 2013 was a sign for me. A big milestone where I FINALLY BELIEVED that I could make money in ANY NICHE if I put 110% into my dreams.

…After couple years of being in the business opportunity world, I am now going back to creating my own information products…

But this time, in the niche I BELIEVE IN.

In the direction of my OWN DREAMS…

That's why I decided to make my OWN information products which I believe in my heart of hearts can make a POSITIVE IMPACT in people's lives.

That's where Video Commissions was born.

This is my EXACT step-by-step blueprint on how to make money online.

Forget about videos.
Forget about the mechanics.

Videos are NOT just about ranking.
It's not just about keywords.

It's ALSO about YOU.


…which is a BIG message I have for my members.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to take YOURSELF to the next level.

That's one of the CORE message I have for people who follow me.

I went through my real life experience of realizing that making money online wasn't enough.

Making money online just for sake of making money online won't fulfill you.

Until you make money online in the DIRECTION that is aligned to your TRUE dreams..your TRUE mission…your TRUE path…where you TRULY believe you can make a POSITIVE impact in people's lives…

If this message resonates with you and you also want to build a business where you can make an IMPACT in people's lives, then check out my resources below.

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