How To Build an Email List and Keep It

by BJ on January 13, 2014

Hey, everyone!

I am still in a little shock after losing over 10 000 subscribers to my e-mail newsletter, but I will get over it. Actually, I am trying to see this loss as a blessing because I have the chance to start a better and more efficient e-mail marketing campaign.

The Money Is NOT In the List….

…The Money Is In The Value You Give To Your List

If you are wondering what I am talking about, recently I lost my 10 000 subscribers due to the fact that I was sending too many e-mails. My account in GetResponse – a email newsletter service – got suspended, and however I tried, there was nothing I could do to retrieve my subscribers.

This is not so bad actually. After my last conversation with my mentor, I realized that it doesn't matter how many e-mails you send, but if you give VALUE in them.

Then I decided that I should focus on quality rather than quantity and send much fewer e-mails – one daily – and I will not try to sell in each one of them. I took a conscious decision to do less pitching and more FREE tips.

To keep my list and keep my subscribers happy, this time, I will focus only on giving value. This means sharing my experience as an Internet marketer, new tools and tricks for making money online, and my daily success and personal development tips. I will be committed to giving first and then asking.

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Ugo Okonkwo January 13, 2014 at 3:37 pm

1. BJ who’s your mentor that you mention? I need one. Can we share?

2. What proportion of your 10,000 have re-subscribed.

3. Did you keep a copy of your list on your hard drive?


BJ January 13, 2014 at 10:55 pm

1. vick strizheus
2. about 2000
3. getresponse gave me a copy when i requested it.

it’s fine…i am using new autoresponder and growing my list and business is better than before!


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