How to be Innovative – How to Create Innovative Products

by BJ on February 14, 2010


Lots of people have asked me how to create
unique and innovative eBooks.

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Well, I have a lot of experience of coming up
with unique and innovative ideas because I
have written over 25+ eBooks for my online

…Over the years, I've learned that it's NOT
enough just to create any eBook on any topic.

Instead…to SUCCEED online, you must create
an eBook with an INNOVATIVE IDEA.

With an innovative idea, you can STAND OUT
from your competitors.  Plus, you will also
be perceived as a leading expert in your niche.

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With innovative ideas, you can create an
eBook that will sell better than other generic
ideas that the masses have.

…After having written many different eBooks
with innovative ideas in different niches,
I wanted to share with you my BIGGEST LESSONS
on how to come up with innovative ideas to
succeed in the eBook business.

I compiled my biggest lessons in my “Innovator Method” course.

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This is a complete course that provides you
21 of my biggest lessons that I have personally
learned from having had an eBook business for
many years.

Other eBook courses talk about how to create
eBooks but they don't teach you HOW to come
up with an INNOVATIVE idea.

…Once you gain this skill of developing
innovative ideas, you will be able to use
this skill for the rest of your life.

This skill will be handy whatever niche you
go into because you will have the EDGE over
your competitors who are generic and boring
to the target market.

So if you want all my tips on how to be more
innovative and creative to come up with unique
ideas, then get the “Innovator Method” now.

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To you becoming more innovative!

– BJ

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