How To Be Great At What You Do

by BJ on July 4, 2013

Hey, guys!

Today I want to share a story with you, it is a success story but I won't tell you about someone who got rich and famous, I will tell you about someone who just did an awesome job, a great performer!  When you open a magazine and see all those amazing, mind-blowing photos what do you think? Do you think that the photographer is the best one out there, or that they must be amazingly talented to take such a photo? You are wrong! They have taken hundreds of photos to get this one perfect, to get just one chosen for that magazine.

Practice Makes Perfect

Why did I do this analogy? Because for me it really feels the same with making YouTube videos! The first time is gonna be really bad (most likely), really clumsy, and you will think “Oh, my Gosh, who would watch me?” But with time, with PRACTICE, you will get better. You will look at your 3 month old videos and see the difference, you will think “Wow, I have really sucked and now, look at me!”

How about this mindset change, ah? The thing is that making hundreds and thousands of videos will increase the possibility of them going viral dramatically. If you are not seeing results, maybe, it is because you are not doing enough at it.

I mean, there are two huge benefits from just doing more of what you do – first, you inevitably get so much better at it: you don't make mistakes, you get more confident, you get faster and more efficient; and second, you never know which one of your videos, or books, or photos will go viral and actually hit the jackpot!

So the tip of the day is, to get better at what you do, to get this hit, just do more of it. It is so simple – if you are doing one video per day, do three, if you are writing one book per year write 5, and result will follow.

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