How To Be Disciplined In Your Business

by BJ on May 21, 2014

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to share with you that my 90-day video
challenge is over!

Watch my final video in which I talk about the extra benefits
of doing a 90-day challenge:

This is actually the second time I have completed
the 90-day video challenge of uploading 3 videos per day.

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Why did I do it twice?

Well, the 90-day video challenge is my way to stay grounded 
and disciplined.

It is my way to not become too comfortable, too lazy and
to stay on edge.

This is the biggest benefit but also the biggest risk for Internet
marketers – the FREEDOM to work wherever and whenever we
want. Without a boss to look over our shoulder, we tend to get
sluggish, especially when we achieve some amount of success.

Even I, myself,was getting caught in this trap…and then I needed
to do something important consistently as a challenge to myself
so that I stay focused.

This is how it works – as I made a commitment, and a public one,
to make 3 videos per day, I created a time frame, a race for myself.
And I want to win every time! That's a way to mentally make
yourself more disciplined – don't let your actions be random.

Every time I didn't feel like making a video I told myself that I
didn't want to fail so I kept going…until I completed the

In the long run doing the 90-day video challenge keeps me
disciplined and I am reaping the benefits of taking action in my
business daily.

Bottom line – create your own 90-day challenge to achieve the goals YOU
have in your life and business. This will pressure you to stay
persistent and move forward to your dreams.

I am doing another 90-day challenge after I am done with this one…

Are YOU?

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To YOUR success,


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