How To Achieve Your Dreams

by BJ on September 25, 2013

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Let Go of Whatever is Holding You Back in Order to Achieve Your Dreams

I went to several personal development events this year and I just want to share with you one of the breakthroughs I had there.

In life and business we all have dreams. You probably know what you want to achieve and where you want to be personally and career wise. But knowing what your goals are is not enough. If you want to truly take action towards your dreams you need to figure out what is that thing that is holding you back.

You should ask yourself what is physically and mentally stopping you to take action towards your goals. Usually, there are things in our past or mental barriers that do not let us continue on the path to our dreams. You need to find out what is that thing in your life. Maybe it is that you are not confident because of previous failures, maybe it is a person who is telling you, you won't be able to make it, maybe it is a limiting belief. Whatever it is, you need to let go.

So my point is, sometimes it is not only about knowing what your goals are. Sometimes on this journey to your dreams it is all about knowing what is holding you back. When you are consciously aware of this thing that is stopping you, you will be eventually able to free yourself.

Awareness = Freedom = Action

Once you are free of your limitations you will be able to take action and actually achieve your dreams. Bottom line is that we are sometimes tied to our past and to our own limiting believes. The first step to achieving your dreams is letting go of them. Only then, you can take steps towards your dreams.

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