How I Made Money Online Without Working

by BJ on September 16, 2013

Hi, there!

This is BJ Min with your daily online marketing success tip: outsource to make money without working.

Guys, today I want to share something amazing. I actually made money online without working for six full days. How? Outsourcing. You have probably heard of it – it is basically having other people do the work for you.

I went to a personal development event which was in the form of a camp. So we stayed in tents, had no computer, no Internet, no phone for 6 days. In these 6 days I made over $3000, and I didn't move a finger.

How did I do that? I trained people to be my support team and do all the work for me. In particular, I had an e-mail support team which closed sales for me by e-mail. When I got back from the event I was more than surprised to find that it actually had worked!

You have to free yourself from activities you can train others to do, so you can focus on the BIG picture. This means that if you spend all your time answering e-mails for example, you won't have time to find new traffic sources. If you answer every comment on your Facebook page, you won't have time (and energy, for that matter) to explore new opportunities.

When your business grows, you have to grow too. A ream business makes money even when you walk away from it. This is a sustainable business, and calls for more free time for you!

And, if you are curious what is the one money making activity you should outsource from your online business, this is definitely e-mail support 🙂 Here you go, another golden tip from me, guys.

Remember, it's not about working hard, it is about working smart…by outsourcing.

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