How I Lost 10,000 Subscribers In 1 Day – A Blessing in Disguise Story

by BJ on January 1, 2014

Hello, everyone!

Happy New 2014 and a lot of success for your life and business!

In 2014 I wish you to find your true calling and follow it to the fullest.

I chose for today a topic that is sweet-bitter for me

A Blessing in Disguise Story

I had over 10,000 subscribers to my e-mail newsletter, crucial for success online. Then one day, I tried to open my account in GetResponse to find out that it was deactivated because of too many complaints. I didn't send offers all the time, I used this account to give value. But you know when you send 10,000 e-mails daily complaints pile up and I got banned.

I didn't have a back up of my list, I didn't have a back up of my 160 days follow ups, nothing, nada…

But, you know what, I wasn't heartbroken about it, because I immediately learned very important lessons, that I am about to share with you.

99% of all marketers pitch, pitch, pitch all the time, in every video, in every e-mail, in every blog post. I want to be from the 1% that gives value most of the time and pitches just a little. So when my list disappeared I saw this as a sign that I can start a new list in which I can create e-mail newsletters in which there is no pitching but just value.

I wanted this so much that I lost the sales e-mails that I had in my old account. I am actually thankful that I lost this list because now I have the opportunity to become a better marketer, the Internet marketer that I want to be actually.

Everything is in the attitude, and this is my message to you for 2014! It's not the list that matters, it's the skills and value.

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