How Dave Sharpe Impacted Me in a Positive Way

by BJ on May 2, 2014


This is BJ sharing some positive vibes with you!

Today I want to share with you

How Dave Sharpe Impacted Me in a Positive Way

Dave Sharpe is the reason I made this video below:

For those of you who have been following me closely, the name Dave
Sharpe is quite well known – he is one of the co-founders of Empower
Network which I have been a part of for over a year now.

He has announced that he will step down to focus on his health
and well being. This guy has impacted my life in a positive way
so many times, that I felt it my duty to share with you how great he is.

There are no words to describe how motivational and inspirational
his speeches have been….

I am truly sad to see him step down but in the same time I completely
support his decision to focus on the most important thing in life – HEALTH.

So today is just about Dave Sharpe. I want to say an honest THANK YOU
from me and the thousands of other people he has inspired.
He is actually the reason why I decided to do a second 90-day video challenge
which has impacted my business tremendously.

What happened is that I was getting a bit lazy about my personal
development and business – I had even stopped making videos! But then
on the last event of Empower in Miami he went on stage and he
was literally on fire. Then I realized that what truly inspired me was
not what he said but the person he is.

Bottom line – I am glad that there are people like Dave Sharpe because
we all need inspiration and motivation! I'm looking forward to his comeback,
and in the meantime – TAKING ACTION DAILY.

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Talk soon,


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