Have Positive Rooted Motivations to Make Money

by BJ on August 13, 2013

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I made the video below while I was at the Empower Network seminar in Denver so it is from my hotel room 🙂 Nevertheless, I have a super important money issue to talk to you about – what are the root motivational factors that make you want to be successful? In his book T Harv Eker talks about how important it is to have the right motivation for making money so you can be happy with it. So, if you want to get rich, you might have one of the following negative motivational roots:

1. Fear. Maybe you are afraid of poverty, because you were poor as a kid. Maybe you are afraid you won't be accepted in society if you are not rich. Maybe you are afraid of disease or death and you think money can help.

2. Anger. This is also a strong motivator for action but still negative. Maybe you are angry with your parents and you want to prove yourself worthy. Maybe you are angry with society and want to ‘show them'. Maybe you are angry with yourself for not doing something sooner.

3. Jealousy. One of the most common rooted negative motivators – you are jealous of rich people? Then you will never be rich. If you despise something you will never have it. So instead of feeling angry or jealous to rich people, look at them and follow them, they know where they are going.

So let's try to free ourselves of these negative motivators and find positive ones, like:

1. Purpose. As I have said before, having a vision and a purpose bigger than money will actually bring you more money. You need to find a purpose in life that excites you and it will make you successful.

2. Contribution. The most honorable purpose of getting rich is helping others. Think about all the things you will be able to give to the people you love if you have the money. Think about all the lives you can change.

3. Joy. The pure and happy feeling of not worrying about money and of having the opportunity the do whatever you want. This is the point of money after all, to give you freedom!

The Money Is Not The Problem, The Root Is

The root is the most important, because no matter how rich you are your feelings won't change. You can't fight fear or anger with more money. The problem is not that you don't have money, the problem is your motivation. Start working on having the right motivation for success and live your life HAPPILY ever after!

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