Have an Attitude of a Newbie to Continually Grow and Succeed

by BJ on July 27, 2013


How are you doing today, guys? There is a short video about continuing to grow even if you are successful. I think, and my experience has shown me, that we should never put limits on ourselves and we should never stop growing because we don't know what life has actually prepared for us.

Have The Newbie Attitude For Continuous Success

You know how in the beginning when you do something, or when you start a new business, you are eager to learn everything, to master new skills, to go to every seminar and read each book? But with time, you stop doing that. Why? Because you get comfortable. You shouldn't do that – success is not the same as comfort. Success is constantly striving for a better you and achieving it.

In online marketing business I have seen people who are not even successful but act like they know everything already. Man, how can this be possible – it's obvious that if you are not getting the results you want, you haven't learned everything you need to.

Having the newbie attitude, the curiosity and knowledge thirst will make you successful continuously – you will never hit a wall, you will never stop growing.

Don't get satisfied with yourself, develop yourself!

The way to be successful is not to be an arrogant know-it-all. You need to let go of your pride and arrogance and the idea that you know everything, to actually grow and develop yourself. You know, life and business are a constant change. The jobs that are the hottest on the market now didn't even exist probably when you were in university, so don't stop developing yourself, ever!

If you want to continue growing yourself and your business leave arrogance aside, because it will only lead you to failure. We need to open our minds and see there is no limit to learning and growing

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