Have a Zero Tolerance for Negativity

by BJ on July 28, 2013

Hey, you guys, how you doing?

The one tip of the day I am sharing with you here is something I learned from my mentor and want to teach you, too: Zero Tolerance To Negativity

Guys, apart from everything else, staying away from negativity is just so much easier than fighting it. Let's be honest, whatever you do, there will be people who are negative about it, and who want to put you down, prove you that what you are doing is wrong or won't bring in results. BUT, just ignore them, you know.

Before I got this training I used to encounter such people and try to defend myself or my point of view. Can you believe it? I was trying to prove them wrong and break the hard headedness they weren't willing to let go off. This is completely useless – don't spend your energy on things that aren't worth it. Instead of focusing on other people, focus on yourself, and let them be.

You can't change anyone, just let it go.

Don't lose your time with negative people because they are not worth it

You just don't have the time to deal with that – your time is precious, you can use it to work on yourself or to work with people who want to move forward, in the same direction as you do. It is just pointless to argue and to explain yourself – everybody lives in their own reality after all.

My point here is to have zero tolerance to negativity. Don't even let it on your Facebook profile or Twitter page – it is not part of your life and people who are negative shouldn't be part of your life neither. I will even be clearer – if you are negative and complainer don't join my team please, but if you are positive and taking action in your life – click the link below and join me!

Block negative people, block negativity and move on with your life!

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