Good Decisions are Not Always Logical

by BJ on July 15, 2014

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Good Decisions are Not Always Logical:

Hi, there!

Recently I had an amazing experience where I started learning to trust my intuition and gut feeling in my business.

The bottom line of my wonderings is that

When you say NO to something that is not totally aligned with you right now, you are opening up SPACE for other things that resonate with you and help you achieve your dreams.

This is the lesson I learned lately. How? Well, long story short, about a year ago I purchased a $3000 value event ticket that took place recently. At the time that the event was supposed to take place I was completely consumed by working on one of my dream projects and didn't really want to interrupt that for a whole week.

My dilemma:

My logical mind was telling me that I have already paid for the event, there were no refunds and I had to follow through and go to that event on the East coast. This is what I have always done. But this meant to leave everything that I had started for over a week!

My heart was telling me that I should stay home and continue working on my projects. I didn't feel that going to this event will bring me more value than focusing on my dreams while I was pumped up.

On the other hand, just the week before the East coast event, I was attending one in Anaheim at the West coast where I had to leave 2 days early to be on time for the East coast one. I really didn't want to do that.

Finally, I decided to not go and let go of my $3000. I felt relieved. The reason was that I was meant to meet my new mentor at the Anaheim event in the last day of the activities. I will work with him to take my business to the next level and achieve my dreams to help people find their passion in life.

If I had left earlier, I wouldn't have met this person and had the chance to grow my business!

This is what I really needed at the time. Everything happens for a reason. Good decisions are NOT always logical! Follow your intuition and open space for what is really meant to happen to YOU.

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