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13 responses to “! FREE Video: How to Make Money Online”

  1. Maxxi says:

    Hi BJ,
    I would like to thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to receive and listen to your free
    e-book offer about affiliate marketing.

  2. omkar says:

    BJ please teach me about email marketing …i ve understood affiliate marketing but don't know how to create a email list or auto-respond er and also allow me to know what the hell is aweber and how to use it in affiliate marketing… please help you are like an angel to me…

  3. BJ says:

    yo bro…what you got to do is first get an email autoresponder…use this one i use if you want a free 1 month trial try this – http://www.bjmin101.com/autoresponder

    1 – create optin page
    2 – drive traffic to your optin page
    3 – make sales! and repeat!

    obviously more to it but get started…thats most important key to success…JUST DO IT NOW!

  4. Bruce Notman says:

    Thanks BJ I am a newbie at this stuff but am on my way with your help to making a difference in my family's lifestyle forever. Cheers mate. Bruce from Brisbane downunder.

  5. S.j.deBruyn says:

    Hi Bj thank you for the oppertuniyt but unfortionly i dant have any capital to start with my regards


  7. adeel says:

    Amazing tips thanks for share

  8. Great tips,actually i think 4 percent is a great program and they have really great products inside it.

  9. Joseph Strauch Jr. says:

    Love the video it was very insiteful. Have a great day. Joseph

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