Go To Events To Meet Successful People

by BJ on April 9, 2014


How are you doing everyone?

I am back from the last Big Idea Mastermind event in Seattle and I wanted
to share with you some inspiration, in case you missed it.

Bottom line for this event is

Go To Events To Meet Successful People

Big Idea Mastermind events are your chance to meet real time Internet
marketing millionaires and learn directly from them.

Go HERE to join now and meet the big players in the
Internet marketing game.

Below is a picture I took together with the BIM success team – the people
who have really taken action and achieved amazing results with Big Idea.




What you can see in this picture are the people who are living the dream.
Trust me, meeting them has been a huge part of my success. Talking to just
one successful Internet marketer can validate everything you are doing.
Seeing those people experience the same as every other member of Big Idea
can motivate you beyond your imagination.

Go to events! I will never forget my first Empower Network event because
that is where my real breakthrough happened, where I experienced an
actual mindset shift and decided to be SUCCESSFUL.

If you are on my team and want to learn more directly from me, what better
way to do that than meeting me in person at any of the Empower events?

I go to all of them. Yes, each and every event takes me and my business
to a whole new level of achievement, so I never miss one.

Don't hesitate, it is WORTH it!

It is worth it to spend money on interacting with successful people
because you become the average of the five closest people to you.

Going to events is like letting a mastermind in your immediate circle.

Let millionaires close to you and you become one of them.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, click here.

To your success,


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