Getting back to publishing more books

by BJ on June 29, 2015

After doing internet marketing for fulltime since 2008, I have come to appreciate something about publishing eBooks on the major eBook stores like Amazon's Kindle, BarneandNoble's Nook, and Apple's iBookstore.

It's so SIMPLE!

You know with this internet marketing thing, there are million ways to make money online.

But it gets very difficult to achieve results when you get distracted all the time.

I've been on the end of getting distracted left and right.

But out of all the things I've done, I find publishing a book is one of the SIMPLEST ways to get results online almost overnight at times!

Because you're leveraging your expertise to be shown in the world's biggest online marketplace in the world –

Plus, it's autopilot income.

To this day, I get paid month after month for not doing a single thing after I published my books many years ago.

Plus, it's fast! There is no buying a website, getting a host, building an optin page, getting your site approved by a payment processor, or doing any of that.

The CATCH is that you have to write the book (or find a writer to write the book for you) which is the hard work that is required.

But after doing so many different things online, I see publishing books as something that I can do for the rest of my life even when I turn in my retirement age in the future.

It's also an ASSET that you are creating that produces income for you!

Like Robert Kiyosaki teaches in Rich Dad Poor Dad, you want to focus on ASSETS (that produce income whether you work or not) instead of focusing on income alone.

Ebooks are assets!

Create more assets that produce income!

Plus, I also want to let you know as I get older, I see my desire to write about different topics start to pop up in my mind. So you will start to notice me write about some topics that you didn't see me mention a lot before in my previous content because as I get older, I want to make an impact. Not just any impact but impact that matters.

So yes, I will teach internet marketing.

But I won't stop there.

I still got other important things to teach outside of the internet marketer crowd.

I will also teach internet marketers to other groups of people who I want to make an impact as well.

Having said that, that's what my focus will be for the time being.

Take care,


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