Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

by BJ on July 21, 2013


It's BJ here guys with some more success tips for you! In this video I am making one very quick but essential point – how to get comfortable being uncomfortable! In other words, I am talking about stretching yourself to new levels and breaking out of your comfort zone. Because only if you do that you can achieve something big, something greater!

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The only way to be more confident and become a better person is to become uncomfortable. I am not even talking about going out of your comfort zone sometimes or doing something untypical for you. I am talking about stretching your comfort zone and actually enjoy doing things which make you uncomfortable.

As with every habit, and as I have repeated a dozen times, to make something part of yourself, you need to be consistent with it. So go out of your comfort zone on a daily bases. Don't do it just once in a while, here and there, but every day.

You must do something that makes you uncomfortable in your life and in your business every single day until you become comfortable with it!

Have you never written a sales page? Just do it! Have you never made a YouTube video? Do it today! Have you never made a marketing call! Do it, do it, do it! Success is not important – doing it is important, success will come. Maybe your first video is really crappy, but who cares? You did it! Do you know how many people have never done it? Billions.

There is no other way to elevate yourself and your business but to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The point is that when you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone you become more, and when you become more, you are on the road to your dream life. The way to attract success is by the person you become. Get out of your comfort zone, become more and attract success. Start today!

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