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by BJ on May 4, 2014


How are you doing today?

I wanted to write this post to recommend you a great personal
development resource especially if you are in Internet marketing.

Watch my video to see what I learned from the last audio I listened to:

I recently stumbled upon the work of Joe Polish, the founder of Piranha
Marketing Inc., and the creator of the Genius Network Interview series.

Genius Interviews is a series of talks by successful, or even the most
successful people out there. Most of those interviews are related to
Internet marketing but they can be highly valuable for anyone out there
because they focus not only on marketing but also on SUCCESS.

I am giving you this recommendation is order to help you choose
what to listen to. I always say, and I will repeat it, that listening
to inspirational audio is one of the keys to changing your mindset
for success. I received many questions about what you should
listen to and I decided to share what I have appreciated the most.

Listening to motivational audios every day is part of a personal
development plan I have been following – 30 30 30 program:

30 days
30 minutes of audios
30 minutes of reading

Actually, if you are looking for a FREE and EASY personal development
program to start working on yourself I recommend you to do the 30 30 30
one. It only lasts for 30 days but I guarantee you that after this month
you will feel transformed from the inside out and ready to TAKE ACTION
for your business.

Bottom line – Genius Interviews is an awesome resource to understand
how success works and how to achieve it yourself. I definitely
recommend you to check the interviews out.

Click HERE to start living your life to the fullest.

Quick tip: It takes 30 days of consistent work to change any
habit of yours for the better.

Talk soon,


P.S.: Working on your mindset is THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

You can start right now HERE.

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