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by BJ on June 19, 2009

Instead of spending big bucks to
advertise in print publications and
participate in other costly offline
marketing venues, many businesses of
all sizes are turning to free to low
cost internet methods and strategies
to invest their time, effort and
branding for a greater outreach.

You see, for much less than the price of
one print classified ad, a company can
generate many more leads This
can be done with methods that are free
to very low cost on the Internet. Many
of the responses from print campaigns,
are often not worth the return on
investment (ROI).

Some of the more popular free to low
cost internet marketing methods out
there today follow.

1) Free Press Release and Article
Directories –

Well written articles and press
releases help draw targeted
traffic to websites. Simply insert a
link in the body of the press release
that invites readers to visit a website
for a free report or other offer in the
last paragraph, and add a similar call
to action in the resource box or byline
or an article. Then submit the press
releases and articles to free online
article directories and press release
sites. Find them by entering keywords
like, “free article directory,” in Google
or other top search engine.

2) Hire Ghostwriters – Hiring someone
to write content for you. Your blog,
website, article and press release
submissions work is easy to day and
inexpensive when you outsource your
work to ghostwriters. Find experienced,
qualified writers on freelance bid sites
like and on forums in your
niche and in the Internet marketing arena,
like at

3) Establish a Presence at Free Social
Networking, Bookmarking and Other Sites.
There are many places online where you
can register for a free account, set up
a web presence there, often with the
ability to upload digital media to share
with others, post on a blog and more,
while also networking with fellow members
and / or visitors to the site, as they
make comments on your content, share their
info and more. Some of these sites are:


Find many more by searching
for starters. And sign up there to
bookmark all your content for sharing
with multiple sites and to learn more.

A couple points to keep in mind with
these sites are: follow the rules at
each, don't spam and don't go over
board there. For example, Hubpages
only allows two links to your sites,
at the time of this writing. Don't
add three, trying to fake them out
with an affiliate link. Don't spam
comments all over on other Hubs just
to get links. This type of negative
activity can get you banned or your
account closed.

4) Free Classified Online Ads –
Search for “free classified ads” in
Google and many sites show up. Some
of the more popular places to submit
your ads are:

a) craigslist
b) backpage
c) kijiji
d) gumtree
e) loquo
f) classifieds.myspace
h) adlandpro
i) usfreeads
j) oodle

For help writing your ads and even
submitting them and keeping them up
to date on each site, consider hiring
help. Outsourcing with a ghostwriter
experienced with sales copy, and a
virtual assistant who can open accounts
at each place, submit your ads and
follow up as they expire to renew them,
revise them, etc.

If you would like to get all the detailed
step-by-step tips on free online marketing
so that you can dominate micro-niches like I do,
order the “Dictator Method” Course now:

To your success,

BJ Min

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