Follow Your Dreams…Not Just the Money

by BJ on July 29, 2014

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You are most probably reading this blog post because you are or you want to be an Internet marketer. As with most people, you have two main reasons to want to go into online business: freedom and money. 

While following money is what we all need to do to create the lifestyle we want, it should never be your only goal. Making money is a wonderful thing, but it will never make you feel fulfilled, happy and successful as much as following your dreams will.

This is the reason why even in Internet marketing, you need to choose the niche that inspires, excites and motivates you. If you only choose to take on the opportunities that will make you more money you will end up wanting to get out of them! I am only speaking from my personal experience as an Internet marketer for over 7 years now – whenever I made money from a niche that didn't resonate with who I am, all I wanted to do is not do it!

Money VS Success

If you want a short term solution, then you can just go after the money. But if you are looking for a long-term fulfillment and success then you want to choose the business you are in very cautiously.

So, do you want to just make money, or do you want to make money from a project that makes you happy and lets you follow your dreams?

I made money from niches I didn't care about, and I did it with niches that really matter for me. My mission is to teach you that whenever you follow your dreams and your heart you can really be SUCCESSFUL.

Know your vision, know your passion and create your online business around it.

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