Follow Through Your Words – Stick To Your Word

by BJ on August 10, 2013

Hello, there,

and welcome to my blog for personal development! This post is especially for the people who like to talk a lot, but don't like to take action even one bit. Please pay attention here, if you want to be successful, you have to follow through your words.

It is just so obvious I don't know if I should keep on writing – be a man, man, stick to your word! Nobody likes people who just talk the talk, and never walk the walk. Just do it, you know. If you are not gonna do it, don't say you will.

I will tell you how talking and not doing sabotages your life and your success. You say “I will read my affirmations every day”, let's say. And you do it. What happens? You become confident that you can achieve something you wanted (even so small), you reassure yourself that when you decide something it happens. This affects your brain and your behavior no matter if the promise is small or big. I will tell you that, keeping your promises and your word is a habit you better acquire soon. If you are in the habit of keeping your word, you will do it for the small things, you will do it for the big things.

What if you don't keep your word? First, you feel bad, don't you? I mean you kinda disappoint yourself, let alone the whole world! It doesn't feel good, does it? Moreover, you program your brain to not stick with the plan, to fail, to give up. Is that what you want for yourself? No, right.

You Will Be Proud Of Yourself

Start small, you know. You don't need to make a big promise to yourself or to the world. Make a small one and keep it. This will slowly increase your confidence in yourself and you will actually feel proud of yourself. Yes, you will feel pleased that you actually did what you said you will. It feels great, just try it!

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