Focus On Yourself and Your Vision to Get Results

by BJ on July 12, 2013

Hello, there!

I am making another video to help YOU! Yes, I love doing this – just giving away free advice for my readers to be successful. I guess you have already read my other posts so you know how important goal setting is for success, but there is something else here, and it is the focus on your goals. I am sure you have a nice piece of paper with your goals written on it, but where is it?

My point in this video is that you must focus on yourself and your own goals. Don't be confused by other people, don't compare yourself to them, don't focus on them, you have a life to live!

Focus On Yourself And Be Inspired By Others

Well, I don't say don't look at successful people. You are reading my post now, and I am sure you have read and watched many other successful people. But the attitude is important. If you are saying to yourself “Wow, this person has it all, it's  great example, I will aim there” that's all healthy and okay, and you are on the right track; BUT if what you are saying to yourself is “Wow, this person has it all, why don't I? What do they have better?” that's the whole wrong attitude, brother.

Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to happiness is comparing yourself to others? So, you wanna be happy? Don't focus on other people! Just look at them, smile and continue your way, to your future, to your goals.

If you focus on other people two bad things will happen – 1. You have just 100% attention – if you give too much of it to others, there is nothing left for you; and 2. You get discouraged – if you compare yourself too much to others, you might get disappointed and lose motivation.

So focus on where YOU want to go, because this is your life, your business, your road, and nobody is gonna walk it for you.

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