Focus on Your Vision to Go Forward in Your Business

by BJ on July 18, 2013

Hey, there!

I am BJ with just a quick tip on how to go forward in your business. The way to go forward is to focus on yourself, focus on your vision right in front of you and not step on the side.

My point is don't be a crab – don't sidestep, don't look right, don't look left, don't focus on other people. Just have your goals and your vision in front of you and move towards them. Why would you want to sidestep and get distracted from your goals? No, you don't want that. You want to move forward by focusing on your own vision.

Follow Your Vision = Go Forward In Your Business

You know what guys, when you look to the right or left you slip, you slip from curiosity or perfectionism, you want to know what that person or this person is doing. But you shouldn't get distracted, this is the sure way to not be successful. This business is a marathon, and at a marathon the sidesteppers don't make it to the final! It's the same with online marketing – find your vision and move forward to it.

Have Your Marketer Identity

If you don't have a vision you must create one! You have to make up a vision from within yourself, that will matter to you. If you don't do that, somebody else will make you follow their vision, and you don't want that. Don't be a follower, be a leader, find your vision and move forward to it no matter how shiny is the left or right.

My vision for you is to encourage you to find your own vision. Because once you find your own vision you can give 100% from yourself, your work and everything you do will come from the core of who you are and you will feel really fulfilled in your life. Just let me introduce you to this concept of finding your vision – you don't find it in a book or in a movie, you make it up by analyzing your true inner calling!

That's the secret, guys, no more, no less, just make up a vision, follow it and move forward.

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