Focus on What Works!

by BJ on October 25, 2014

In life and business, focus on what works.

For example, if you are an internet marketer or have some kind of business, then you need to focus on what works.

There are a lot of programs or methods here and there coming along all the time.

It can lead you to get distracted at times.

But you need to continually focus on the MANY MULTIPLE PRODUCTS/SERVICES/or OFFERS that convert best for you.

This lesson also goes for focusing on the marketing strategy that actually works instead of just following hype and being distracted to new strategies etc.

This lesson also goes for focusing on the OFFERS that convert the best and scaling them up even more and optimizing them even more.

This lesson also goes for OPTIMIZING your conversions such as your optin conversions…sales page conversions…split testing to OPTIMIZE them on the designs and headlines that work.

and so much more…

I'm really big on the 80/20 rule where you focus on 20% that give you 80% of the results.

So focus on what works.

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