Focus on Producers and Action Takers

by BJ on September 28, 2013

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This is BJ Min – the Internet marketing expert – sharing with you some great insights about managing your team.

Focus On The Doers

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So, my point is that I am honestly a doer. Of course, I get lazy too, or discouraged,…BUT when I say I will do something, I do it. And, guess what, some people just don't.

I have an Internet marketing team and I teach them everything I know about making money online. If you want to be part of this team, follow the links below. Anyway, I give and give and give. And some of my team members don't do anything about it. They say they will do this or that, but they don't. Honestly, I don't get it – it is all about your success, I am successful already! Why don't you do what you need to make it in this business?

People Don't Change

The more I do for some team members, the lazier they get. And then I just get frustrated – why are they not successful? If you are in the same situation, trust me, it is not your fault. People are just people and they will do what they do.

Once I read that you shouldn't look for leaders, that they show up themselves. People who take action and get result will show it and will get noticed.

My golden tip: don't focus on the ones that don't get results, but on the other part of your team – the part that is working hard to achieve something. Otherwise, you will feel that you failed, too.

Take action and use your energy for people who are positive and get results.

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