Focus on Giving Value to OTHERS

by BJ on July 29, 2013

Hello, there!

It's BJ here with the tip of the day: To make money online focus on giving value to others

This doesn't only concern Internet marketing but any business you are in. Sometimes when we are not successful and we don't make sales we tend to focus even more on ourselves or on that sale we need so badly. But this drives people away! Don't make it all about you, because you can't sell to yourself.

I am getting the hang of Internet marketing now, and I am making sales daily but there were these 2 days in which I didn't make any, and I couldn't stop thinking that I need that sale. The moment I stepped out of my head and stopped looking only at my own situation I made that sale. Not when I was focusing on it, but when I wasn't.

You Can't Sell To Yourself

The point I am making is that, sometimes, only sometimes maybe, you need to step back and focus on others not on yourself. When you are not making sales, focus on your team, help them make a sale, give them some value they can use to be successful. This will shift your energy and your sales will come.

Just let it go, you know, just let it go. If you help others succeed, you succeed too. Have the intention to help people succeed and you will succeed yourself. It is actually great and liberating to NOT be focused on your own success for a while and just work for others for a day.

Just try it guys and you will see this will change your mood and your results. There is nothing better than giving, it always comes back to you! Give value and get sales, that's my tip for today!

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