Encouragement When You Don’t See Results

by BJ on July 26, 2013

Hey, guys,

BJ here! I am making this quick video to just give you some encouragement for the times that you don't get the results you wish.

Everyone Has Bad Days

If you have been following my videos so far, you probably know that I am ranking #24 out of 150000 affiliates in Empower Network which is pretty good. And this is because I have been getting consistent sales every day – 2 sales per day, sometimes 3, sometimes even 6. BUT, a big but, I just checked my results from yesterday and I have made 0 sales, guys, 0 sales. Yes, there was my first day this month with no sales at all. It happens to me, too, you know, even if it's a new thing 🙂

So, the point I want to make here is that it's not only you who have 0 results sometimes. I have also days that I am struggling or not making sales, it's just how it goes. Of course, I don't get discouraged but find ways to look at this situation from a positive prospective.

It Can Only Get Better

If you make zero sales or you have no leads, the way to look at it is that the situation can only get better. Everything is better than 0 sales, so the next day will definitely bring in more of them. This is how I like to look at it, you know – not to focus on the fact that I have no leads or no sales for that day, but that the next day will be better.

I mean, if it can happen to me, after I rank in the top %1 of Internet marketers in Empower Network, it can happen to anyone. We are only human, you know, and sometimes life is good, sometimes not so much, but it never stays the same.

Bottom line, if you didn't make that sale today, you are one day closer to making it anyway! Never give up on your dreams, keep on thinking positive and you will get that sale tomorrow.

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