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by BJ on March 18, 2014

Hi, everyone!

This is BJ here with some words of encouragement for you.

Sometimes we struggle, sometimes staying on top is hard, sometimes we are disappointed, sometimes we are angry, sometimes even we have doubt in ourselves but….

….no matter what we NEVER QUIT!

You Either Make Money Or Excuses

Have you noticed how motivated and enthusiastic you are when you first start doing something new? A diet, a habit, a marketing strategy, a commitment…but after day 4 or 5 the excuses games starts. And not excuses for anyone else, no!

We make excuses for ourselves so that we don't have to keep our promises. Would you do that to your loved ones? Make a promise and then lie about it to get away? No, right? Well, stop finding excuses and lying to yourself!

The moment that you hear yourself making excuses or listing a number of reasons why you don't need to do something, you better know well that you MUST do it.

When you feel the excuses coming and piling up, just remember one thing – it is easy to say ‘No'….

….but YOU made a commitment to yourself to be successful so say ‘YES'.

The successful person is the one who can jump over this hump of excuses and take action regardless of all the reasons that are shouting ‘No'.

Can you achieve results in 21 days?

You can turn anything you want into your habit if you do it consistently – all it takes is 21 days and  it will be a part of who you are. After 21 days you will thank yourself for taking a step further and keeping your promises.

Do whatever it takes to succeed – every start is tough.

If it's easy, it won't be sweat..

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To YOUR success,


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