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by BJ on September 11, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ Min here giving you a full list with details of Empower Network's products. This is for those of you who are still wondering about all the levels and possibilities to make money.

The more you upgrade, the most money you can make because you can only get the commissions for the level you are at. So, if you are at the basic level and somebody joins under you and upgrades and goes all in, you won't get the $3000 commission! That's why it is essential to go all in from the first day.

Here are the levels explained:

1) Fast Start Blogging System + E-Wallet. That's $45 in total per month – $25 for the blog and $19.99 for the merchant account if you want to be an affiliate and promote this blog, too. By the way, everyone in Empower Network is an affiliate because you can make your money back immediately.

2) Inner Circle. Additional $100 per month which is actually the basic training you need to start making money with your blog. These are the audio interviews with the best, most successful Empower Network affiliates and weekly new audios (listen daily 🙂

3) Costa Rica. One time monthly payment $500 for an intensive video course. This is a seminar done by the founder – video lessons, SEO, outsourcing, article marketing.

4) 15K Formula. One time $1000 payment. The best traffic sources online comprised of the training from the best guys and marketers in Empower. In addition, you get Vick's 30 Day to 10K program, only if you join Big Idea or through me.

5) Master's Course. The way to work less and make more – a private exclusive seminar. Then you go all in for $3500, but you also get Vick's $2000 High Traffic Academy course for FREE.

That's it guys – and I am not even mentioning the events and seminars where you get to meet millionaires. This is your golden opportunity, GRAB it now.

If you are wondering how to get the money to start your own turnkey business, just ask. Stop telling yourself that you don't have the money, and start asking how to find it. Your brain will do the rest.

If you want to join Empower Network through me, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about this system and making money online, click here.

Talk soon



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