Empower Network Review

by BJ on July 30, 2013

Hey, guys!

I made this quick video below just to talk about Empower Network and give you a real honest review because I have been hearing a lot of people giving it a negative one. Guys,  Empower Network is not a scam, I know it because I am not one of the founders, I just joined 4 months ago and I am already #30 among all the affiliates.

Most of the people who say that EN is a scam are not even part of it! How can you know this? I just don't understand how can you know if it is a scam or not and not even be a part of it. Most probably, those people who decided not to join are trying to justify their own decision to themselves. And there is the other part of the negative group, who joined but didn't do anything with the products and still say it is a scam – well, you didn't do anything, am I going to give you money for that?

If You Want To Be Rich And Successful You Can Do It In Empower Network

This is my personal conclusion after only 4 months. Let me be honest, as I promised, before I joined I thought it is a scam, too. But I joined, went all in, committed to it and devoted myself, now I am making it! So I proved myself wrong – it is great and it is working.

What is different about Empower Network, and people out of it can not understand is THE MASTERMIND! You need the mastermind to unveil your full potential. You need to be around like minded people to make it all really work. No matter how much you work by yourself you will always hit a brick wall somewhere. With a mastermind your growth is unlimited! Have you been to a mastermind event? It is a life changing breakthrough like no other. Your only chance to go to an event like this is to join Empower Network today!

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