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by BJ on March 13, 2014


I went to EVERY SINGLE EVENT in EN and BIM events ever since I joined.  So there should be no excuses for you.  You MUST go to the next coming event if you are SERIOUS and DEDICATED to your success in this business.

I don't care if you are broke.  Being broke is the REASON you need to be here.  You need to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get to the next event PERIOD.  You need to break out of your broke mentality (“I don't have money” to “I will do whatever it takes to get the money to get to the event” and become empowered, transformed, and have a renewed mind!  SO JUST BUY the EVENT TICKET and JUST DO IT!

  • Chicago (place my belief was born)
  • Hawaii (BIM Diamond Level event – just great fun overall because it was more relaxing)
  • Denver (I was on fire at this time and starting to become a producer)
  • Las Vegas (this was for the Hush Hush event.)
  • Anaheim (I got invited as a speaker at this event and this was pretty cool PLUS I even got to get 1 hour coaching privately from Dave Wood after I told him I was producing)
  • Miami (my favorite because I was in a slump/complacent when I got here and seeing Dave Sharpe transformed led me to make a DECISION at the event to take this SERIOUSLY again and hence I decided to do the 90 day challenge AGAIN doing 3 videos a day because it worked before and I wanted to make it work again…and now I want you to do it as well)
  • Miami 10K challenge (got to meet Vick and other TOP Bimmers in a closer way, learned ONE golden nugget that got me from struggling to make $10,000 in ONE single week after I came back).
  • Las Vegas Hush Hush (I went here again to get certified…this is NDA so I won't be able to talk about this as this is “hush hush”).
  • Seattle (I make the intention for myself and my team members to really DOUBLE our income AFTER this event and COMMIT to it for the next 90 days after this until the NEXT BIG event which is my favorite type of events…I love the BIG EVENTS…let's rock this for 90 days until the next BIG EVENT later on!)

All the TOP EARNERS go to EVERY single event.

Vick goes to every single event.

Miles goes to every single event.

Paulo goes to every single event.

The SERIOUS income earners go to every single event.

The big earners don't even need to go to the events.

…But they do.


…Because they KNOW that going to the EVENTS is the BIGGEST and MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL OPPORTUNITY to sky rocket their business and their teams.

I'm here to tell you to GET THE EVENT TICKETS NOW.

…That's because you MUST experience the powerful TRANSFORMATION that you can DIVE INTO when you go to the EN event.



You will come out alive.

You will come out inspired.

You will come out pumped up.

You will come out with 100 X more motivation and WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes to succeed online.

You will also learn from Vick in person.

You will also learn from me in person.

You will learn from TOP BIMMERS in person.

You will have the MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL experience in your EN journey.

This NEXT event will be powerful.

Dave Wood is back!

Dave Sharpe is ready to rock it!

I'm ready to rock it!

And you're the NEXT ONE to come along to SEATTLE and ready to rock it!

…I'm going to give my EVENT TEAM MEMBERS with a special 90 day action plan to REALLY rock it.

To get MORE traffic than before.

To get BETTER CONVERSIONS than before.

…I am currently one of the TOP BIMMERS producing MORE SALES than 99.9% of BIMMERS out there.

My SECRETS are accessible to you.

Don't miss out this opportunity to meet and learn from me.

AND WE CAN DO VIDEOS together to build your traffic!

In fact, I recommend you to do video testimonies of me NOW to rank your videos on Google and YouTube to associate yourself with a six figure earner that you are working under to BUILD your credibility by association.

If you are SERIOUS about achieving success and willing to do whatever it takes, you will get to the events.

You will get transformed.

I'm ready to work with you if you get to the events regardless of your level.

Ideally, you want to:

Get all in.

Get to the events.

Take action in your income generating activities daily.

FREE BONUS – If you GET YOUR EVENT ticket before the Seattle Event tickets close, I will send you my FREE REPORT – Six Figure Income Generating Activities.

So who is READY to go to the event?

Any regional event will do.

I will be at the SEATTLE EVENT.

Just got my tickets.

I want to see you there.


I will be there to help you EVEN if you're a basic level.


…OR ELSE you will have to wait ANOTHER 90 days for the NEXT event to get your breakthrough.


Don't miss out.


Let's DO THIS!

See you in Seattle!


PS…If you're not in BIM/EN yet, then join here and get to the next event:

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