Effective Article Marketing Tips – How to Do Article Marketing Secrets

by BJ on February 25, 2010


Here are 5 Effective Article Marketing Tips showing you how to do article marketing the right way.

1.  Do Keyword Research

If you want an article to rank well, you want to do your keyword research first.  You can use a lot of free keyword research tools on the internet or use the best keyword research software that many internet marketers that I know like to use.  Most importantly, look for a long tail keyword (3 or more words) that has relevancy, high traffic, low competition, and profitability.

2.  Write an article and submit it to EzineArticles.

EzineArticles is currently the most popular article directory on the internet.  So you want to write and submit your article to this article directory.  It's completely free to sign up for an account and it takes several days to get your article approved.

3.  After EzineArticles approves you, then spin your article to create multiple articles.

Once your article is approved, you want to leverage that article.  You want to spin that article using an article spinning software.  There are many tools out there but I personally recommend this best article spinning software that is currently a favorite by many top internet marketers.

Spin your articles so they are at least 30% unique so that you can be ready to submit them to other article directories.

4.  Build backlinks to your original EzineArticle.

You want to build backlinks both to your website and to your original ezinearticle article.  Since articles from EZA (Ezinearticle) rank the highest on a regular basis, you want to make it even more powerful to rank even higher than it is currently doing.

You can build backlinks by manually submitting your spun article to different directories (and making the resource boxes link to your original EZA article & also to your money site).

To quicken this process, I recommend you to use an automatic backlink software.

5.  Outsource this entire task

The next step is for you to outsource this entire task from start to finish.  You want to find an outsourcing website to outsource this so you can focus on growing your business to the next level.

Ok…that's just the basic blueprint of getting more traffic with article marketing.

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