Don’t Think. Just Do.

by BJ on March 16, 2014


In business there is one truth

Don't Think. Just DO.

The ones who take action are the ones who achieve results.

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One big lesson that I want to teach you today is that

it really doesn't matter…

Sometimes, not always, but just sometimes do the things in your business without thinking too much about them.

You have a new video? post it without analyzing its weak and strong points.

You tried an awesome product? Recommend it to your list.


Imagine there is you and another fellow. You both want to make videos for Internet marketing:

Day 1 – you both make one video each.

Day 2 – your buddy uploaded his video. You are thinking if the light was not too bright.

Day 3 – your buddy makes and uploads another video. You re-make the first video because the light was in fact too bright.

Day 4 – your buddy makes and uploads two videos. He has 3 subscribers already. You decided you will re-make the first video with a new script.

Day 5 – your buddy has 6 videos and over 20 views. You have doubts.

I hope you see the picture here – better upload 6 so-so videos than zero perfect ones. Nobody can see your perfect non-existent videos but everyone can see the non-perfect ones you upload.

One question I get a lot is how to come up with information to give value in your videos. Well, as I said before, you record videos not only for marketing purposes. You make them to gain confidence and stop caring what people think about you. So the best way to provide good value in your videos is to keep acquiring it – keep learning and keep teaching, and trust me, nobody will care about your hairstyle.

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Bruce March 17, 2014 at 11:08 am

Good tip & right on!
I tend to study too much & not get around to action when I should.
Oh, about your hair in that car image above…………makes you appear too young. How can we value the advice of someone so young making so much money ??


BJ March 17, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Exactly Bruce…got to spend more time DOING than analyzing.

By the way your comment on me looking young?

Who cares?

The COOL thing about this business is that you can BE YOURSELF…and not worry about trying to look successful to become successful.

I can look young with my hair or whatever and STILL Make BIG MONEY online…being myself…that’s TRUE FREEDOM…don’t you think?

I’d rather listen to someone who looks young and MAKES MONEY than someone who looks all suited up and makes nothing.

What do you think?


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