Doing Is 80% of Your Success

by BJ on September 18, 2013

Hi, everyone!

How are you all doing? I am BJ Min, the Internet marketing expert, with your daily success tip. What I want to talk about is not a success tip actually, but a life tip.

We all have dreams, and we all want to live them. If you have figured out your purpose in life, probably you have arrived to the logical question ‘How to do it?'

Don't Focus On The How, Focus On The Action

One observation – while you think, nothing gets done. Imperfect action is still action. It is much better to DO something, than THINK about doing something.

One simple example – can you lose weight by thinking how you will go on a diet or start exercising next month? NO.
It is the same with your life's dreams – you can't get there unless you move.

Doing Is 80% of Your Success

You have probably heard of the 80/20 rule (Google it 🙂 ). 80% of your results are created by 20% of your activities. This rule has proven valid for every and each aspect of life and business.

So, the ‘how' of your dreams is actually in these 20% guys in terms of results. It is this small percentage that doesn't matter. The ‘how' just generates the small 20% result and we spend over 80% of the time on it. You should focus on the 20% which will produce you the 80% of the results.

Then you can be really successful. When you start doing, you start being successful. After taking action, you can still modify anything along the way – that's the 20% of doing. BUT before all, take some action here, guys!

All you need is to DO IT NOW.

Not later, not tomorrow.

If you want your dreams to come true, you have to start achieving them TODAY.

No matter HOW, just do it NOW.

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