Do Whatever It Takes to Overcome Obstacles

by BJ on August 8, 2013

Hey, guys and gals!

I am glad you are here reading my post. You know, usually I talk all about success tips and how to do that or this, but today I have a perfect example from my own life to prove you that what I preach can be practiced and will lead you to much better results.

Do Whatever It Takes

There are a lot of people complaining and playing the victim, trying to blame the world for not being successful. If you are one of them, stop it right now! You are responsible for your success, nobody else. So here is my story:

I was out of town at a hotel where I recorded my 3 videos for YouTube. As you probably know I am into a 90 day challenge to upload 3 videos per day. So, I have been doing great so far, except today I realized I don't have my iPod cord with me. I have my videos on my iPod, I recorded them at the hotel I was at, and it seems, I have forgotten the cord there.

So what do I do? Mind you, it's already 10 p.m. so I don't have much time to upload my videos. So do I skip the day? No. Do I run around to find a new cord at 10 p.m.? No. What I do is take action and record 3 new videos. And here I am, going after my goals again.

This is just a small example, I know, but every step matters, guys. When you push yourself to achieve your small goals and overcome small obstacles, you allow yourself to overcome the big ones as well. You are telling yourself that problems are solvable and that they can not stop you. Teach your brain to overcome obstacles instead of giving up, and this will have amazing influence on your life, on your business and ultimately, on you as a person.

Do whatever it takes, it's worth it!

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Take care


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