Do the 90 Day Video Challenge – Great Personal Development and Marketing Exercise

by BJ on March 8, 2014

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Personal Development and Marketing Exercise

In my experience as an Internet marketer for the last 7 years, one of the best tools for improving your marketing and confidence is the

90 Day Video Challenge

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Okay, I will make a confession, guys. One of the things that really took my business to the next level, and helped me succeed, was working on my mindset. This included doing consistent exercises every day – going to the gym, reading my affirmations, goals, ideal day, and making 3 videos per day. After I saw results, I, like many others, decided that I can skip a day, or two, or ten…Well, now I know that I can not because I realized one very important thing:

How You Feel Affects Every Part Of Your Life

I came to the conclusion that the reason why I was so ambitious and I was taking action was my personal development work. I decided to re-start all of my mindset exercises including making videos every single day.

Let's say, you too want to take your business to the next level. What is the first step?

1. Write down your affirmations, goals and ideal day and start reading them every morning before you do anything else.

2. Participate in the 90 day video challenge. You might think that video marketing is not for you, or that one video every day is too much. Let me tell you a secret – if you start and keep up with the challenge you will create a 90 video database to help you with your business even while you are sleeping – 90 soldiers working for you day and night. Moreover, speaking in front of the camera, is just the same as speaking in front of audience – you will become more confident, brave and improve your people skills.

More in my video:

If you want to become part of the 90 day video challenge, join my team here.

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