Do 3 Videos a Day for the Next 90 Days

by BJ on July 19, 2013


It's BJ here with some tips on getting quality traffic that converts into sales. One thing I do, and you have probably noticed I am pretty consistent, is YouTube videos. This has been one of the best traffic sources I have had, and I have enjoyed it, too.

This video below is especially for my team – SuccessBorn, but also for anybody who is in online marketing or any Internet business. If you want great traffic – do 3 videos per day on YouTube! I have to be honest, I have been posting YouTube videos since 2007. So when I started with this challenge I had quite the experience already, that's why I decided to stretch myself and do not 1 but 3 videos per day! How did it all happen?

Well, you know one of the best things about this mastermind are the events. I went to Hawaii where we all made a commitment to start the 90 day challenge and make 1 video per day every day for 90 days. But, you know what, it seemed too easy for me. So I decided that if I want to grow I shouldn't go with easy, I should go with hard and make it a real challenge actually! So here I am doing 3 (or more actually) videos per day for 25 days already, and it has been amazing!

If You Want To Be Successful Go Beyond Yourself

What I mean here is, that you should do not only more than the masses but more than YOU did before. What's the point to stay at the same level and keep on doing what you know? This means you don't grow. The only way to grow is to stretch yourself beyond the norm, the norm of society and the norm of you.

So the point here is, to get traffic, to become successful, I challenge you to start doing not 1, but 3 videos every day. Look at it as a communications training – doing 3 videos a day telling your vision and your story will not only get you traffic, but also build your communication skills, help you become a better speaker, more confident, and last but not least, if you talk about your vision 3 times a day it will become embedded in you, it will become who you are!

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