Dan Kennedy Direct Marketing Expert

by BJ on May 16, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Below is my new video I made about

Dan Kennedy Direct Marketing Expert

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Dan Kennedy is the author of The Ultimate Sales Letter and
a well known direct marketer. To give you a better idea of who
he is, let me tell you this: most of the Internet marketing gurus
I see around me in this business study and learn from Dan Kennedy.

This is actually the reason why I decided to re-read his books
and start watching his YouTube videos – to learn from the source.

Dan Kennedy is in fact a direct marketer – he is specialized in things
like postcards, e-mail marketing, snail mail, etc. BUT a lot of the
techniques he teaches are applicable to Internet marketing as well.

Some of the BEST marketers in the world contribute their success
to from Dan Kennedy's teaching, so learning from him just seems
like the right place to start your journey into marketing.

One of the coolest things is that Dan Kennedy has also a bunch
of videos online, and you can just watch them to learn more and
more strategies from him.

If you can get Dan Kennedy's books, I strongly recommend you
to do so as soon as possible. Professional like him have helped big
corporations work on their marketing and gave the tools for
marketing success to thousands of people out there.

Bottom line – sometimes it is good to go old school and learn the
principles that preceded Internet marketing to understand it
better. Don't forget where the people you are learning from
started! Go back to the source and you might have a real
marketing breakthrough!

Learn from the legends to become a legend.

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To YOUR success,


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