Creating a Sales Page Tips

by BJ on November 11, 2010

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…Once you have created the basic content for your sales page, then it is time to learn how to handle some of the other parts of the sales page.

There are four elements to a sales page strategy. In order for the sales process to work, you need all four of these elements.

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Creating a Sales Page

One of the first parts of the sales page that the reader sees is the headline. When you create the headline, you want to make sure that it is benefit-focused.

The headline should also should be the red and you should use the font Tahoma and make the size of the font between 26-32.

Many times you will create a sub-headline. If you use a sub-headline, you want to place it just below the headline and it should be black and a smaller size.

When you write your sales page content, you want to write it in a personal voice. In other words, you want to write it as if you were personally talking to someone in a one-on-one conversation.

You want to make sure that you have a unique selling proposition. This is what will make your product stand out and will separate your product from all of the other products out there.

You want to be sure that you mention certain things that reflect your USP throughout your whole sales page.

If you want to list any benefits of your product, you want to be sure to list them in a bullet point format. Make sure that you have a long list of bullet points

To give your readers and incentive to buy your product, be sure to include incentives such as a specialized newsletter, product updates or email-coaching.

Make sure that you have a money back guarantee. This strategy will increase your sales by approximately 10%.

Add a PS section that will serve as the reminder section. Remind them of your USP as well as your guarantee.

Techniques to Creating a Sales Page

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Creating a Sales Page

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