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by BJ on January 30, 2014

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Content Marketing

Long story short – I have been doing content marketing – blogging and videos – since I first started as an online marketer in 2007. Doing it the right way helped me make my first $1000 in just a couple of months. I am still applying content marketing in my business even now – in my videos, blog and e-mail newsletters.

Content marketing is basically free, because it costs you nothing to upload a video or a blog post. The most important lesson regarding content marketing I have learned so far is the importance of providing valuable, original and unique content.

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A lot of people choose the short track – find a good article on a topic from your niche, spin it and publish it. But nowadays people are smart and they know when they are being tricked. If you try to just fill in the pages, nobody will follow you. Internet users are experienced and want to be given value. By providing quality content to your followers you create a trust relationship with them and improve your chance of selling.

Tell Them Your Story

Okay, you have reached the second level of content marketing – you are not copy-pasting articles, you are giving valuable tips. The next stage is to tell your story. People remember stories, not products, they remember personalities not pitches. So your best strategy in content marketing is just to be authentic and tell the world your story.

The last step to ultimate content marketing is to tell a story and integrate a tip into it. Then you have all of your followers' attention – they will listen to your story and remember your tip.

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