“Get 1-on-1 COACHING to Discover Your #1 Unique Passion/Talents/Gifts to Ultimately Build Your Dream Business Online to Achieve Success & Fulfillment!"

Dear Dreampreneur,

Are you sick and tired of high ticket coaching that costs way too much for everyday people?

Well...that's okay...because that's where I come in...an everyday guy just like you...to help everyday people to believe in themselves, believe in their dreams, and build their dream business all the way!

I used to be a broke convenience store clerk who eventually earned over a million dollars online in my 10-year internet marketing career and my mission/dream is to ultimately help you believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and live your dreams through your DREAM BUSINESS all the way!

I've done all kinds of online businesses to ultimately realize it's all about finding your DREAM BUSINESS that gives TRUE FULIFLLMENT and to truly succeed in the world. It's not just about the money...but it's about FINDING YOUR OWN PATH & LIVING YOUR OWN UNIQUE PATH ALL THE WAY. That's how I was able to find my OWN unique path of building my own independent publishing company HowExpert where I focused on my OWN LANE to do it DIFFERENTLY/UNIQUELY than most others in my industry.

Just like that...my experiences of being a publisher hiring HUNDREDS of people to write about their #1 passion, my unique gifts/talents is to RECOGNIZE TALENT & EMPOWER people to ultimately go FOR THEIR DREAMS ALL THE WAY.

Through my 1-on-1 coaching, I now want to help YOU to ultimately discover your dreams...to encourage you...to exhort you...to motivate...to inspire...to empower...to push you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF + BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS + LIVE YOUR DREAMS by building, growing, and succeeding in YOUR DREAM BUSINESS all the way!

Everyone has a UNIQUE GIFT so my 1-on-1 coaching will be CUSTOM exactly for you.

My 10+ years of internet marketing experience will provide YOU a custom lessons EXACTLY FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION/TALENTS/GIFTS to ultimately build YOUR DREAM BUSINESS to achieve TRUE SUCCESS with FULFILLMENT!

If you are struggling and dreaming to achieve your dreams, I totally understand. I had a time when I had nothing. I remember working at the convenience store having nothing and just wanting to make money online. Eventually as I made money online, I realized TRUE FULFILMENT came from BUILDING A BUSINESS that meant something to me from the inside. That's when I knew ultimately to truly succeed, it wasn't just about making money but about making money with MEANING! That's my DREAM/GOAL with YOU!

Plus, I am DIFFERENT than most coaches because I am a direct/genuine/honest dude who is an EVERYDAY PERSON just like you. I'm not going to be on a high pedestal thinking I'm better than you because I've been through the UPS & DOWNS in my personal & business life.

The people who resonate with me are the everyday people just like you and me. I resonate and understand the struggles. But through struggles, I know we can go deep within ourselves and find our own talents and that's where I want to encourage you to believe in your gifts and go for it all the way in your own path!

We may not be the best looking people. We are the underdogs. We are the ones who can get dismissed by the masses. It's okay because I totally understand where you are coming from.

You see...in high school, I was a complete loner. From traveling all around the world due to my dad's job as a diplomat, I made and lost friends every three years. I had a lot of challenges as I felt like I never fit in from a young age. But those difficulties and challenges allowed to NOT care so much about what others thought of me. That's because there wasn't a lot of people who cared about me. That actually FREED ME to ultimately GO FOR MY OWN THING/OWN DREAMS all the way in my adulthood.

Just like that, I now am realizing a lot of people who I connect with naturally are the EVERYDAY PEOPLE. We are the AVERAGE JOES who the masses may dismiss but I know that we are the DIAMONDS in the rough. There is TALENT/STRENGTH/DETERMINATION within us that the popular and cool people may not have because we have LESS people to please! Also due to challenges, we had to go UPHILL in our lives while the cool people went downhill in their lives. It's kind of like the popular high school kid ends up unsuccessful while the underdog in high school eventually becomes successful due to them climbing up through so many challenges in life & also being FREE from what other people think about them! So being a loner/underdog is actually OUR STRENGTH in our adulthood because we are MORE FREE to be ourselves ALL THE WAY and live God's calling for our lives ALL THE WAY!

Through that difficult life/path, we DEVELOPED a UNIQUENESS that is SO UNIQUE. We don't have to live up to others' expectations because we don't have that many people or are concerned like the popular people who have so many people they have to please.

So in fact...our weaknesses is our STRENGTHS!

My coaching is for the EVERYDAY PEOPLE just like you.

My goal is to discover and recognize your TALENTS/GIFTS/GENIUS the world overlooks and encourage you to GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY just like I did.

Eventually, I was able to build my own UNIQUE independent publishing company HowExpert that has published eBooks + books + audiobooks + music + movies! No one in my industry is doing what I'm doing because I FOCUSED ON MY OWN LANE ALL THE WAY!

That is my goal with you. I want to help you DO YOUR OWN LANE ALL THE WAY with my coaching!

And this will FULFILL YOU SO MUCH...I feel so FULFILLED doing my own business all the way in my own unique way being myself all the way. Now, I'm doing my own thing and through my real life lessons of discovering and building my own unique business all the way, I want to help YOU build your OWN UNIQUE DREAM BUSINESS all the way! I know you can. I'm just an everyday person just like you. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Just a quick intro about me. My name is BJ Min and over the years, I went from being a once broke store clerk to eventually earning a SIX FIGURE income from the internet for multiple years in a row, earning over a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in my career, and even becoming a bestselling author for one of my books "How to Make Money with Ebooks" on Amazon's Business category.

After making a fulltime income ever since 2008 and making a good living from it, now I want to FOR THE FIRST TIME open up my COACHING service for EXCLUSIVE students who are SERIOUS and want to learn my strategies to build their DREAM BUSINESS all the way to ultimately LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE what I do and I will teach EVERYTHING I know to you but it is YOUR JOB to do the work to ultimately get results online. Also, I am not one of those "get rich quick" type of guys because I know building a dream business will be a process so if you're one of those guys who wants to make millions overnight, then this is NOT for you.

This is for people who want to build their DREAM BUSINESS all the way using their own unique talents/gifts/strengths all the way 24/7/365! It's not overnight. It's a marathon for the long run. It's a journey but you will feel fulfilled in this journey called life and business going for it because you will be the few who actually GOES FOR & LIVES THEIR DREAMS ALL THE WAY!

This is for SERIOUS folks who are WILLING to listen, DO the work, and be consistent to ultimately build their dream business over the long run.

So if you're SERIOUS about living your dreams and building your dream business, then get started with my EXCLUSIVE 1-on-1 Coaching Program.

This is NOT just about internet marketing. If you have a different type of business, my unique perspective can provide VALUE to ultimately help you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF + BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS + BUILD YOUR DREAM BUSINESS ONLINE!

Let me have the honor to coach/guide/teach you to discover your God given talents to ultimately maximize your talents to the FULLEST to ultimately make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world to YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE!

Let's do this!

What's UNIQUE About This Coaching Program?

  • This coaching is UNIQUE because I emphasize on helping you build your OWN DREAM BUSINESS as opposed to telling you to follow my way. I ultimately want to help you discover your OWN path/lane and build your OWN unique path with my REAL LIFE dreampreneur lessons all the way to build your DREAM BUSINESS all the way! It's all about finding and going in YOUR own path to ultimately LIVE YOUR DREAMS!
  • This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from someone who has REAL LIFE experience earning over a MILLION DOLLARS ins sales online DOING internet marketing as opposed to just coaching others.
  • This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from a REAL internet marketer who has had VARIOUS types of online businesses in the information marketing world to give you UNIQUE insights to ultimately get you the BEST RESULTS online that is BEST custom suited for YOU!
  • This coaching is UNIQUE because you will actually have a REAL internet million dollar earner and fulltime entrepreneur to COACH YOU (as opposed to some recent college graduate who is working as a "coach" when in reality, they are employees working for a company).
  • This coaching is UNIQUE because it is actually quite affordable coaching compared to shelling out TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to many coaching programs that are coached by "employees" of the big gurus and NOT entrepreneurs.

BJ Min's Credentials

  • Bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" that ranked #1 on Amazon's Business category. Click here for proof.
  • Earned over a million dollars in sales in his internet marketing career.
  • Has published over hundreds of eBooks on Amazon's Kindle, BarnesandNoble's Nook, Apple's iBookstore, and more! Click here for proof.
  • Been a TOP producer for multiple direct selling companies.
  • Earned a SIX FIGURE income in his FIRST year of joining MLM in a serious way from 2013 to 2014.
  • Has done over 1000+ youtube videos in the internet marketing niche with his multiple video channels in the past put together (He may be the VERY first person in the world to do over 1000+ videos on youtube in the internet marketing niche).
  • Most importantly, BJ Min has had LONGEVITY in the internet marketing world making a FULLTIME income ever since 2008 (that is 8+ years and counting!). In an industry where things are changing, he has been in business for many years and now is here to help the newbies to get STRONGER and BETTER in their business for their future and BEYOND!
  • And much more!

Who Should and Shouldn't Join!

  • You should join this mentorship program if you are SERIOUS about taking action consistently, persistently, and persever in your journey online.
  • You should join this mentorship program if you also want to make money from information marketing (selling information products, digital products, eBooks, affiliate marketing, business opportunity, etc).
  • You should join this mentorship program if you are WILLING to do whatever it takes to make money online (even do things that you are a little scared of to make money online).
  • You should join this mentorship program if you are SICK AND TIRED of the information overload that is out there and want a PROVEN & TESTED method to slowly but surely help you get RESULTS in ANY niche online!
  • You should join this mentorship program if you have problems with focusing on one method and want a SOLID way to realistically make money online while being guided by a proven & successful mentor in this industry to help you succeed as well.
  • You SHOULD NOT join this mentorship program if you are looking to make millions overnight as BJ Min does NOT teach nor does he believe there is any overnight success method after 8+ years of making a FULL TIME income online. His method is a slow but sure way to REALISTICALLY make money online and continue to grow it over time through CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT, and PERSEVERING action.
  • So if you are SERIOUS about this and feel you fit this criteria, then read more below and JOIN BJ Min's EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED Mentorship Program!

Here is Some Videos to Show Proof of My 10+ Years of Real Life Experience as a Full Time Internet Marketer/Entrepreneur/Dreampreneur!

Speaking in front of 1000's of people for an internet marketing conference!

Teaching you how to build your dream online business online from A to Z!

What's Unique About BJ Min's Mentorship Program?

Discover the UNIQUE Benefits of Joining BJ Min's EXCLUSIVE & PERSONAL 1-on-1 Mentorship Program!

  • Coached by a REAL LIFE Internet Marketer

    This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from someone who has REAL LIFE experience earning over a MILLION DOLLARS ins sales online DOING internet marketing as opposed to just coaching others. This is NOT outsourced to some recent college graduate working for some guru. Instead, BJ himself will coach you 1-on-1 in this REAL & PERSONAL way to help you get results online!

  • Mentored by an Internet Marketer with VARIOUS Different Internet Marketing Business Experiences

    This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from a REAL internet marketer who has had VARIOUS types of online businesses in the information marketing world to give you UNIQUE insights to ultimately get you the BEST RESULTS online that is BEST custom suited for YOU!

  • Personal Touch!

    A lot of coaching programs are coached by “employees” rather than entrepreneurs and the BIG GURUS don't have the time to give you a personal touch. But with this EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED coaching program, BJ will do that FOR his students! This mentorship program is UNIQUE because it is going to be custom suited for you in a very personal and real way. BJ likes to keep it real and he will take the time to understand your situation, your budget, and give you his BEST advice for your personal situation to get results online.

Here are Some Very Successful Entrepreneurs I Have Learned From to Ultimately Help You Build Your Dream Business Online!

Here are Additional Entrepreneurs I Have Had the Pleasure to Meet & Learn From As Well...

Hear Some of the Many People I Have Connected in My Journey Online Whether They are a Mentor, Friend, or Students, I Have Learned SOMETHING From Them That Has Opened Up My Mind in a 360 Way to Ultimately Help YOU Find Your OWN UNIQUE PATH & BUILD YOUR OWN UNIQUE DREAM BUSINESS ONLINE ALL THE WAY!

As You Can See...I Have Learned From SO MANY People in My 10+ Years of Journey Online from Mentors, Friends, Students, and All. I Learned You Can Learn From Anyone & Everyone...There are So Many MORE PEOPLE That I Haven't Mentioned But I Just Want to Show You Some of the People I Have Connected (1 or Multiple Times) in My Journey Online...to ULTIMATELY NOW HELP YOU BUILD YOUR DREAM BUSINESS ONLINE in YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY USING YOUR OWN UNIQUE TALENTS/GIFTS/STRENGTHS TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS ALL THE WAY!

Here's What You Get From BJ's Mentorship Program!

  • 1-on-1 Google Hangout Coaching - This will be like you and I hanging out together over the computer screen. You will get PERSONALLY get coached by me 1-on-1 via Google Hangout (so you can watch & re-watch your coaching to get pointers again & again for the long run) plus if I decide to, have the opportunity to be featured in my YouTube channel!
  • 1-on-1 Email Mentorship (for Monthly Coaching Students Only) - You also get UNLIMITED email mentorship from me where I will answer EVERY single question to you through my PRIVATE email address just for my coaching students/mentees/clients/friends!
  • My time is EXTREMELY VALUABLE because I run a publishing business where I still do WORK on my business so I will RESPECTFULLY ask all my students to contact me only when it is important with your questions. I will do my best to help you but make sure to ask me the IMPORTANT questions when you ask me. Be respectful but don't abuse this coaching. Thank you for understanding. All the best!


  • I will take limited spots so this offer MAY CLOSE in future (or price go way up for NEW members...old members will be grandfathered).
  • As I get more students, this price will most likely go up so click the link below to LOCK IN YOUR SPOT before this email coaching program closes and/or the price goes up in the future! All the best!

Option #1

1-Hour Coaching for $497 $297 $97!

get started now

$497 $297 $97 (Best Price for a limited time & your coaching session will be added to my Dreampreneur training & plus if I believe it was a great session, I may upload to my YouTube channel for better promotion for you as well!)

Your coaching session will be recorded on youtube to re-watch your lessons again in the future.

Option #2

4 1-Hour Coaching + Unlimited Email Coaching for $1997 $997 $497 a month until cancelled!

get started now

$1997 $997 $497 a month until cancelled. (Best Price for a limited time & your coaching session will be added to my Dreampreneur training & plus if I believe it was a great session, I may upload to my YouTube channel for better promotion for you as well!)

Your coaching session will be recorded on youtube to re-watch your lessons again in the future.

All Sales Final & Your Coaching Session May Be Featured on My YouTube Channel Which Can Be an Added Benefit to You to Get Your Name & Business Out There.

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