Coaching is Crucial!

by BJ on December 7, 2008

Hey guys,

I just started getting an intense weekly coaching from my new internet marketing coach.  He is a young and well known internet marketer and he has really given me the big overall blueprint and picture for my business.

Before I was unsure of where to take my business or what steps to take but having a coach has really helped me.

If you are thinking about getting a coach, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to get a coach.

My advice would be to check out 3 different coaches for one session.  And after the three sessions, you will have an overall feel of what type of coach can help you the most.

Most likely the first coach will not be the best coach for you (although it can) but you got to look around.

…And eventually once you get a coach, stick to the coach.

The great thing about having a coach is that you have to be accountable to your coach.

In the internet marketing business, there is no boss.  I wake up whenever I want.  I sleep whenever I want.  Heck, did I tell you lately I've been sleeping at 3AM and 4AM???

…I know!  I know…it's crazy but getting back to my point, having a coach makes you and FORCES YOU to do the work and get it done faster.

…Sure you are paying a lot of money.  But look as it as an investment.

I heard a well known internet marketer named Maria Andros (she is on youtube everywhere) and she made a great comment that she heard from HER COACH.

Her coach told her something like “Don't look at the cost…but look at the opportunity it can give you!”

…After hearing that, it really gave me the courage to INVEST & SPEND THE MONEY in order to take myself and my business to the next level.

So if you are stuck or need to get to the next level, go get yourself a coach!

Even Tiger Woods has a coach!

Even Michael Jordan had a coach!

Even Lebron James has a coach!

…And definitely BJ Min needs a coach!

Take care,

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