Chilling in Arizona Airport…

by BJ on December 27, 2008

I'm here in Arizona at the airport waiting to go to North Carolina to visit my brother…

…Anyways, wanted to write a blog post because haven't done so in a long time…they actually have internet at this airport and that's pretty cool.

I'm just using my laptop, made some money on Clickbank, and feeling like I'm back at home doing my same business.

That's the BEAUTY of having an online business.  You just take your laptop and can do business ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!

I can literally take this laptop of mine to Korea (which I will do next month because my brother is getting married) and do business there.

…So for those of you who think this is impossible just because 99% of people you know don't do this, it's not!

It's only getting easier to make money online and no better time to start than RIGHT NOW!


And I've also compiled the Top 5 ways to make money online including in my 10-part FREE video series at Rookie Dictator.

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Take care,


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