Celebrate Your Success and Reward Yourself After Achieving a Goal

by BJ on August 11, 2013

Hi, everyone!

I made this quick video below for all of you who work so hard on your businesses. Guys, remember, if you work hard, you gotta play hard. I want to encourage you to celebrate your victories and to reward yourself when you achieve a goal, small or big.

We Don't Tap Ourselves On The Shoulder Enough

Have you had the experience when you achieve something and everybody congratulates you, while you just say it was easy and don't appreciate yourself? I am sure you know what I am talking about. Don't do it guys. When you achieve something, reward yourself, feel proud, congratulate yourself. You must let your brain recognize when you have done well.

You need to train your brain to celebrate results. Don't discredit yourself by underestimating how hard something is. Others didn't do it, you did it. So it wasn't so easy. Reward yourself and celebrate your results, and you will see more results.

When you get to achieve a goal you worked on, don't just tap yourself on the shoulder but really reward yourself literally. I mean going for a nice vacation, or going shopping, or seeing a show you really wanted, anything that will make you feel happy. You did it, you worked so hard and now you deserve a break and a prize. GO out there and get something nice for yourself, brother!

There is nothing more important than keeping yourself happy and investing in yourself. Keep your best resource motivated, keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself.

Go Buy Yourself Something

In the end of the day, we work for ourselves and we deserve to celebrate every victory. If you achieved a goal today, no matter how small, go and get yourself something nice. I want you to feel fulfilled and to enjoy life. One life, guys, only one chance to live it to the fullest! Celebrate life, celebrate yourself.

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