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by BJ on January 23, 2014

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How To Get Business Ideas

For me, one of the most important thing in business is the ability to think out of the box. If one develops this ability, they will never feel stuck. Creativity is not just in a drawing or a presentation. We can use it every day in our businesses to provide better service and product.

Let me tell you how I do it. Apart from being an Internet marketer, I have a publishing company for ‘How To…' books. I hire different people online to write books on various topics, and market them on Amazon and so forth.

But imagine – I had to come up with a bunch of relevant topics for hundreds of books. Instead of making my brain hurt, I hired writers and asked them what they would like to write about. I asked them what they were experts at, and what they could do really well. Then, being a marketer, I could easily say which titles will probably sell and which not.

I had a bunch of ideas, and good ones just because I asked people¬†‘What are you passionate about?'.¬†I let people write about what they really enjoy and had an endless pool of ideas.

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If you want a great business idea, consider talking to other people. When you communicate with others about your businesses, you mastermind. This means that you create something bigger and better than what you would by yourself. It is a chance to help each other or discover something completely new.

This is the way that I find new business ideas – always networking with people, always sharing and trying to help. The greatness of life is in the synergy we create together, and now you can use this for your business as well!

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