BJ Min’s Experience at Denver Event in July 2013

by BJ on August 14, 2013

Hey, everyone!

The video below is a review of the Denver event for Empower Network affiliates that took place in July 2013. I am excited to share my experience at the event with you, because as I have said many times, going to events is the way to experience personal transformation.

I am very excited because what I learned on this event is a great breakthrough – in the next 60 days Empower Network is going to take over the blogging market! They are coming up with their own blogging platform which is made from marketers for marketers. So whatever business you are in you will be able to use this platform to make money and promote your business. This is HUGE, guys, so the right time to join and start making money is now.

I was talking about a breakthrough, wasn't I? Well, I will tell you something, I have been an Internet marketer for over 5 years and this is the first time I have experienced something different and valuable. In Empower Network the focus is not on making money and then becoming successful, but becoming successful and then making money. This is essential because in this mastermind you grow to become the person who can achieve and maintain success.

The Focus Is On The Mind

There isn't a more important thing in the world than your mind because it controls everything around you. I have been in this business for only 4 months now but by doing daily mindset exercises I have achieved the success I have been dreaming for years, and I am not stopping – I have higher goals and I am a better person!

If you want to grow yourself and experience personal fulfillment click the link below and start working on yourself today. Get mentored by me into becoming a better and successful you! One life – take action now. Find your true calling in life by building your mindset and joining this mastermind.

If you want to join and come to events in the future, click here.

Click here if you want to learn more about this business.

Talk soon


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