BJ Min’s Big Idea Mastermind Testimonial about Denver Event

by BJ on August 15, 2013

Hey, guys!

I hope you are all doing fine. In the video below I am in the last day of the Denver event of Big Idea Mastermind. I just wanted to share with you my experience and why you should go to events.

It is true that you will get a lot out of every event – everything you will learn, all the speakers you will hear, all the things you will discover about the business and yourself. BUT, it is not only about that.

Going To Events Is Not Only About The Event

It is actually about meeting people who have the drive for success and can influence you. Meeting this kind of people will recharge you and give you new motivation to do your work better. Moreover, there is a lot happening after the event, in the breaks and around the event. Actually, I think it was worth it to go to the Denver event just to meet these people and hang out with them after the activities!

It is all about experiencing personal transformation. Going to events is actually all about the mastermind. The purpose of the mastermind I am in is to help you experience personal transformation, to help you grow and become a better version of yourself. We emphasize personal development before success. Because, you know, success will come when you become a successful person from within.

If you want to be successful in your business, you need to work on yourself first. This mastermind can help you and assist you into achieving this! And, of course, to meet this mastermind you need to join me by clicking the link below and come to events, too.

Work on yourself to dream bigger and become successful. The way to start this today is to become part of my team and join a mastermind. When you do that you can go beyond yourself and achieve things you have never even thought possible.

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Talk soon


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