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by BJ on December 31, 2013

Hey there,

I decided to share my story to you because many of you don't know who I am or where I came from.

Here's the video version…

BJ Min Speaking on Stage at Internet Marketing Event from BJ Min on Vimeo.

I also posted it on my About Me page on my blog.

Here's the text version…

Here’s my story in a nutshell.  I used to be a broke convenience store clerk who lived with his parents for 5 years after college.

I was SICK AND TIRED of my life for a LONG TIME.

…So from 2007, that’s what led me to seriously and obsessively figure out this internet marketing thing and make money online.

The success didn’t happen overnight.  In fact, it was slow and there were times that I could have given up but I kept at it.  Regardless of how much I made or didn’t make, I kept taking action and improving my business little by little.

By the end of 2008, I was able to make just enough to finally quit my convenience store job and go FULL TIME as an internet marketer.  And oh yes, I FINALLY got out of my parent’s house!

After that, I just went hard at this internet thing EVERY SINGLE day, day in and day out!  And eventually from 2010, I was able to make a SIX FIGURE INCOME ONLINE all from the internet!  And I achieved a six figure income for MULTIPLE years in a row after that as well.

…After having had success, I even FINALLY achieved my dream of becoming an author of my own book which was called “How to Make Money with Ebooks” and it EVEN ranked #1 in’s business category during its first month of launch in 2012.

In addition, I’ve also been a publisher of over 300+ eBooks in various niches online through my publishing companies such as HowExpertShortStoryPress, and ChristianStoryPress.

Now, I teach others how to make money online through my #1 main business opportunity program (EN/BIM) and my own products.

I can’t believe I do what I do at times.  Just several years ago, I was broke and now I’m living the dream life of making a six figure income from the internet.

I’m not a big time internet guru or a millionaire yet but I strive to get there one step at a time.

I am on this journey and if you want to join my journey to succeed online, then I encourage you to have a dream, follow your heart, take action, and just do it to the max.

And oh yes, enjoy the journey as well because success is not just about making it but also about enjoying this journey called life.

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Most importantly, dream what you want to dream, go for your dreams, and live your dreams!

To you achieving success in your dreams,

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BJ Min

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