BJ Min Sharing His Story

by BJ on January 11, 2014

Hey, there!

This is BJ Min – a six figure earning Internet marketer – who is willing to share his story with you!

I am glad you are here. I hope my story will unveil a lot of myths about Internet marketing and finally prove you that YOU too can make BIG money online.

Persevere and Success Will Come

Honestly, I believe that every person in the world has a unique talent. Thus, everyone can be successful in some way, and the only thing that keeps people from success is perseverance. People just give up, and they call it failure!

There is no failure, there is just a page in your story to success. Every time you think you fall you actually make a step towards your success.

If you don't believe theory, let me be more precise. Now I am a six figure earner online, but do you know how many times I didn't make even a dime from my projects? How many years it took me to get here? And even, worse, do you know where I started?

It all began for me with one book about success ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad'. But I didn't start making money after I read it, I just started reading other books about personal development. In college I read more personal development books than course books, seriously.

I had a dream, but it was very very far away. I never gave up on my dream, only for a while. When I tried after college, it didn't work. Then I didn't make any money online. I went to work at my parents' convenience store and I lived with them for years.

Then I started again and I succeeded…How?

Look forward to the follow up of my story tomorrow.

Watch my video for more inspiring details of my story:

The only failure is quitting.

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