Big Lesson from Doing the 90 Day Challenge

by BJ on May 20, 2014

Hey, everyone!

Here is my full video with lessons learned from the

90 Day Video Challenge

The message I want to convey to you today is that

A Challenge Is Only As Big As You Are

This is one of the most important things I learned from doing
the 90-day video challenge for a second time. 

The first time I did it was about an year ago. I got inspired by
Les Brown at a mastermind event for Internet marketers. A lot of
people at this event were going to take the 90 day video challenge
doing 1 video a day. I decided to stretch myself and commit to 3
videos a day.

I will tell you – at times I didn't believe I could do it. It was hard!
But I went on with it and finally completed it. Now when I have
finished it for the second time I realize that a challenge is only
big because we haven't grown enough to do it.

My message to you is – no matter how hard something might look,
no matter how far away your goal is, no matter how big a
challenge – once you go through with it, it will seem like a piece
of cake.

The BEST Thing About A Challenge

is that while you conquer the heights of your goals, you become
better and better at it. Once you make that first dollar online, which
seems like the hardest thing, every next one comes easier and easier.

While you put yourself through bigger and bigger challenges you
constantly grow. And as you grow everything around you grows
in a positive way – your business, your money, your success, your happiness…

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Talk soon,


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